The Golden Leaf Inn

The Golden Leaf Inn

A fun and enjoyable outpost amidst an uncertain forest

Calria E. Eagle Captains Blackship

The Vulpine Imperium: Calria E. Eagle has been promoted to Captain: Commander and made captain of The Blackship, one of the Vulpine Imperium's four navy vessels. Myrhakel Greenfire, former captain of The Blackship, is stepping aside for a while as she is engrossed by other activities, and unable to perform her duties as well as she would like. She will retain her rank of Captain: Commander. Kenshin R. Bladeart, MinoWar, is sad at Myrhakel's decision to step aside, but looks forward to the increase in activity this shift could bring.

Josh Boycott Remembered

Terrouge productions: A year ago yesterday, Josh Boycott, formerly of Terrouge Productions, passed away in a car accident. The entire ROC still mourns the loss of such a great figure.

News Is Back!

Golden Leaf Inn: I'm going to start keeping up with the news again. I don't know how exactly successful it will be, and it may end up that I only have news for Terrouge, here, VI, and RWL, but I liked the idea, and am going to keep with it - if you have news events for any other sites, let me know via the contact us form on this site.

March 15 On Monday 15th March 2004 Brian Jacques suffered a mild heart attack. There is no cause for alarm as he is now fully recovered, but will be resting and convalescing for the next few weeks.

A consequence of this is that his UK & Eire appearances (scheduled to start Monday 22 March) have had to be cancelled.

Starfires Redwall Goes Offline

Starfire's Redwall Abbey: After occupying a space on the ROC for over five years, Starfire's Redwall Abbey has gone offline. If you want to see an archive of its contents, see Crossroads (

Itís time for Starfireís Redwall Abbey to shut its virtual doors. I had been planning to do some major redesigning and updating over Christmas break, but I didnít. All the explanations I could give you come to this: Iíve realized that itís not an issue of whether I have the time to continue working on this site, but whether I have the desire. And I donít have the desire to continue; the reasons why are unimportant.

Running this site has been a great experience, and even with all the not-so-great times I wouldnít change a thing. Thanks to everybody whoís stuck by and made Starfire's Redwall Abbey what it was.

I hope your memories of this place are as good as mine.

From Starfire

Starfire's Redwall Abbey has definately had a major impact on the Redwall Online Community, shifting in and out of being an official club. It pioneered a new style of role play boards - a set of boards segregated by location which blossomed to become the most popular style of Redwall Role Play Online. The forums there have been a vibrant, if somewhat off-its-rockers, community, and was the home of many of the founders of Lagomorphia .

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